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Vampire Facial – Phoenix, AZ

While the mention of Arizona desert brings to mind a hot dry land with a barren and desolate landscape, that image is not quite correct.   With the coming of spring cactus and other desert plants burst forth in bloom turning the desert into a virtual flower garden of beautiful flowers.  Just like the cactus and desert plants bloom – it is our time to bloom and become new again as well.

After a chillier than normal winter, the cold dry weather makes it difficult for your skin to retain moisture and stay soft.  The cold dry weather is actually drier than the dry heat.  Skin care including moisturizing are important.  Often as hard as we try it is difficult to keep our skin moist and soft.  The results can make us look drawn and flaky.

With spring arriving it is time to evaluate what we can do to brighten up our skin and look fresh and glowing.  There are several treatment options that can brighten our faces and keep us looking our best.  Choosing the best treatment for you, that can spring you into youthful glowing beauty. One of the more trendier and more effective methods for facial treatments in the AZ valley is a vampire facial.

Vampire Facials have a rather Dracula type title, although the skin treatment is not as weird and outrageous as it sounds.  Using our own blood is a medical treatment used in multiple injuries of the body.   Athletes use PRP (platelet rich plasma) the separating of the platelet-rich plasma protein derived from the whole blood to speed recovery.  This same treatment can be used as a skin treatment to help you revitalize your appearance.  Combined with microneedling, the treatment can result in scar reduction, correction of sun damage and to minimize fine lines and pores.  Since the PRP is coming from your own body, there are no risks of side effects. 

At Beauty by RN, a highly trained RN Medical aesthetician with over 10 years of experience, will walk you through the process being sure to answer any questions you might have.  The results from this procedure are truly stunning.  “I can’t believe the difference in my skin” said Tracy M, a current patient.  Sign up for a vampire facial or PRP facial in Phoenix, AZ today to experience a skin care treatment that can help you to get your spring time glow on. Visit www.beautybyrn.com to book online or call  480-747-1966.

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